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Ready to update your home? Try Vinta Wood décor items! We bring you 100% real reclaimed barnwood items that are simple to install. Get the weathered barn wood feel with our beautiful Rustic Décor items, perfect to transform a wall or a entire room. Our materials are made of the highest quality reclaimed barnwood making it eco-friendly. Create modern chic or rustic farmhouse warmth easily with our décor items, Vinta Wood™ has the right choice for you so come and visit us.

You cannot go wrong with any of the choices.  Enjoy!

Is Vinta Wood™ a "green" product?

Vinta Wood™ Rustic Décor items are made of 100% REAL BARNWOOD that is reclaimed for use in our beautiful and unique décor. We use eco-friendly manufacturing processes to reduce our carbon footprint. No harmful chemicals or unnatural treating processes are ever utilized in the restoration or preparation of our décor items. Every natural blemish, weathered effect, and other markings adds to the beauty and character of each unique Vinta Wood™ item.