The Vinta Wood™ Peel and Stick backing uses a proprietary acrylic adhesive.


Acrylic vs Competitor

Why is Vinta Wood™ acrylic better? 

  • Specialized Formula.  Vinta Wood™ has spent years formulating the industry leading acrylic backing in partnership with one of the largest adhesive manufacturers in the world. Our specialized formula has produced long term and consistent performance, resulting in a dependable and durable product that is easy to install. 
  • Better Installation Results.  Rubberized adhesives used by the competitors is simply a lower quality product, unforgiving, and difficult to work with.  Rubberized adhesives offer little room for installation error. Once the adhesive makes contact with another surface, such as your wall, you cannot move or re-position it without damaging the wall and ruining the wood plank.  Our proprietary acrylic formula allows you to firmly adhere your plank to the desired surface, but does not become instantly and destructively permanent, allowing you to better position each plank and easily create a professional quality installation.  After a few minutes, the specially formulated adhesive chemically bonds with the surface, creating the desired finish for years of enjoyment.
  • Better Life Expectancy.  Rubberized adhesive may start out strong, but will quickly begin to dry out and crack, losing its adhesion properties. Depending on the climate and humidity at the installed environment, rubberized adhesives may begin to degrade within just 2 to 3 years, resulting in unsightly and costly maintenance issues.  Vinta Wood's™ customized acrylic adhesion system lasts up to 5 times longer than the competitors' adhesives and will not dry, crack, or separate from the wood or wall in nearly any environment.






Here are some words from a few of our fans....

"I had been hesitating to add a accent wall in my kitchen as I was afraid of how difficult it would be and also damaging my walls.  I'm so glad I took a chance with Vinta Wood! I was able to complete my wall in one afternoon and I feel secure knowing if I change my mind... there is no damage with acrylic glue." 

- Sara Gibson, Oklahoma City, OK.

"I'm new to the DIY world with very little remodeling experience; however, Vinta Wood's instructions and superb support allowed me to achieve the rustic farmhouse look so easily. I wish I had done it sooner!"  

- Stacy Hall, Orange County, CA.

"I literally transformed my living room wall!  My family and friends are so blown away. Easiest installation ever!"

- Rick Carlton, Colorado Springs, CO.