Vinta Wood™ Questions and Answers

1. Is Vinta Wood™ a "green" product?

Vinta Wood™ planks are made of 100% REAL WOOD that is reclaimed for use as our beautiful and unique wall covering.  We use eco-friendly manufacturing processes to reduce our carbon footprint. No harmful chemicals or unnatural treating processes are ever utilized in the restoration or preparation of our wall planks.  Every natural blemish, weathered effect, and other markings adds to the beauty and character of each unique Vinta Wood™ plank.

2. Is Vinta Wood™ made in the USA?

Yes! Unlike many other products out there at the big box stores and other sites, Vinta Wood™ is REAL WOOD, born in the heartland, aged by nature, and reclaimed by hand entirely in the USA.  Be careful: many competitors import other wood species from abroad and artificially "distress" it for the rustic look. Some products are actually engineered wood, using a variety of chemicals and treatment processes to create a plank of wood that is designed to resemble the "real thing."

3. How many Vinta Wood™ planks will I need for my project? 

To determine how many square feet you will need for your project, just measure the length and height of your intended space first. Multiply the length in inches by the height in inches and divide the total by 144. This will give you the square feet required.  Remember to always add at least 5% for waste. Our boxes ship in 10-20 square foot quantities. We have built calculators into the product pages on this site to assist you in your calculations.

Still unsure how to calculate what you will need?  Send an email at



4. Can I install Vinta Wood™ planks using nails?

Yes, most of our customers prefer using Vinta Wood™ our Permanent Peel and Stick backing for ease of installation. But, Vinta Wood™ does give you a choice to order Direct Application planks, with no backing, ready for you to use any installation method you choose.  The two most common alternative methods are simply using finish nails or construction adhesive.

5. What is your most popular Vinta Wood™ product?

Vinta Wood™ Rustic Planks are our most popular selection. The weathered color is from decades of exposure to the sun and moisture that results in unique gray tone and light brown patterns that accentuate the natural grain of the wood.

6. Can I put my wall up as soon as I get it?

You can. But because real wood is a dynamic natural substance that changes with temperature and humidity, we recommend letting your Vinta Wood™ planks acclimate in their final environment for at least 48-72 hours before installation.

7. Where can I use the planks?

You can use our Peel and Stick planks on nearly all indoor surfaces that are relatively smooth (textured walls may cause less than adequate contact with adhesive). Please make sure the surface is dry and free of dust and debris before applying any of our Peel and Stick products. The Direct Application product can be nailed over rougher surfaces, as a popular option. The Direct Application or Peel and Stick backing can effectively be applied to walls, ceilings, back splashes (direct contact with water may cause slight warping or discoloration), cabinetry, desks, etc. If you have a unique application in mind, please reach out to our experienced team of experts for installation guidance or creative ideas. Where there is a will, we will find a way!

8. Can my Vinta Wood™ be used as a back splash?

It sure can. We don’t recommend installing in areas of standing water, though. If you are concerned about excess exposure to water, many customers choose to apply a clear, flat polyurethane coating available at most hardware stores to seal the wood. If possible, let your walls dry out for a couple days before installing if you are in a high humidity environment.  The Direct Application product is the most common choice for this type of installation, using high quality construction adhesives or finish nails.

9. How do I install it?

Please refer to our installation video here for our EASY 1,2,3 instructions on how to install your beautiful Vinta Wall.  We recommend removing the planks from the shipping box and allowing them to acclimate inside your location for at least 48-72 hours before installation.

10. Do I need to paint the wall before installing Vinta Wood™?

No. However, if you do decide to paint the wall we recommend a non-glossy finish and letting the paint fully cure for at least 30 days before installing the planks, unless using the Direct Application method with construction adhesive or finish nails.

11. Can I install my Vinta Wood™ near a fire place?

Generally, yes, as long as the planks are not near other combustible materials, are not exposed to direct flame or possible sparks, and are not attached to surfaces rising above 100 degrees.  Each fire place is different, so we recommend consulting your local fire code and your specific fire place's installation guide and safety manual as the final authority.  The planks are combustible and are not treated with any fire retardation products.

12. Can I install my Vinta Wood™ outdoors?

Sorry. If you choose the Peel and Stick option, it won't last long out there!  Although your Vinta Wood™ spent decades in the great outdoors, it is time for it to retire inside.  However, you can apply the Direct Application products to outdoor surfaces permanently with finish nails, construction adhesive, or similar permanent attachment. Please remember that if the wood comes in direct contact with water or is left outside in areas with extremely high or low humidity it could cause the planks to bow and crack.

13. What lengths do the planks come in?

All Vinta Wood™ planks come in boxes with a mix of pre-cut lengths of 1 foot, 2 feet, 3 feet, and 4 feet long.  These sizes aid in quick installation and provide an intentional and aesthetically pleasing uniqueness to each application. We recommend mixing up the sizes in random patterns to give the project a rustic feel. You can also easily cut additional desired lengths with a hand or miter saw.

14. Can I hang pictures on my Vinta Wall?

For sure! You can treat the wood planks the same as any wall covering when hanging objects such as pictures, shelving, or other decorations. Just remember, any attachments such as picture hangars, nails or screws must go all the way through the wood planks and into the drywall or stud. Your Vinta Wood™ planks are not designed to be weight bearing.

15. Can I remove my Vinta Wood™ from the wall?

The Permanent tape solution used on the planks is not intended to be easily removable, but can be pried off with minor damage to the wall in most cases. The adhesion quality may be varied, depending on the underlying surface.

16. How do I clean my Vinta Wood™?

In most cases, a regular ol' duster or vacuum with a wand attachment is all you need to clean off any dust or debris from time to time.

17. What is the Return Policy?

At Vinta Wood™, we will do everything we can to ensure your satisfaction with your wonderful piece of American history.  In the unlikely event you are unhappy with it in any way, we offer exchanges and returns within 30 days of your purchase date. Please contact our customer support team at for a return authorization form before shipping your product back to us.  A 10% restocking fee and return shipping will apply.  Please note, we are unable to offer returns on sample packs.

18. How much are shipping costs?

Shipping costs will vary based on the square footage purchased and the distance traveled. Our primary mill is centrally located in in the U.S. and most products ship from our facilities in Oklahoma.  The average shipping time is 2-5 business days for delivery, but overnight service is available upon request.

19. Can I try a sample?

Absolutely!  We offer a sample pack of each style for your inspection and inspiration. Each piece is representative of the final product you will receive, but variations in color and texture are both common and what makes your Vinta Wall unique!  You can order the sample pack here.  

*Please note if you would like to test the permanent adhesive it is likely to damage your wall if you attempt to remove it.  Our permanent adhesive Vinta Walls™ are built to last!