1. Measure

     a) Select the area you want to cover.

     b) Measure the width and the height in inches and multiply together.

     c) Divide the total inches by 144 to get your square footage.


2. Install

The installation is the fun part!  With Vinta Wood™ you can select from 2 different installation methods:

  • Permanent Peel and Stick is great for homeowners and businesses looking for years of enjoyment.
  • Direct Application method is designed for permanent installation in new construction or rough textured walls with the use of finish nails or construction adhesive.

If you are unsure of which application is best for your situation, we are here to help!  Contact Us Today!


This is what it is all about!  Regardless of which style you choose, the Rustic Planks or White Wash Planks, you cannot go wrong.  Remember, you can also customize your wall even more with a simple addition of a few unique and colorful accent planks.  No matter how you design your wall, Vinta Wood™ will bring you years of enjoyment with the quality of real American reclaimed barn wood.

Simply Gorgeous!